Why We Should Choose Not To Be Indifferent


Friday, 6.08pm

Sheffield, U.K.

All politics are based on the indifference of the majority. – James Reston

Two films that are on now are “Don’t Look Up” and “Tomorrow War” on Netflix and Amazon Prime. In one an asteroid is on course to destroy the planet and in the other an alien species is going to wipe out humans in the coming decades.

Both films are stories about choices. We know something bad is going to happen but what is going to make us do something about it?

You can give people the information they need to make informed choices. You can show them what’s going to happen to their children if they do nothing. You can shout and scream and pray. And people will make choices one way or the other.

Both films tell you what could happen when it comes to the challenges posed by climate change. Will we do something or won’t we? What’s going to happen?

Perhaps the one thing to take away is that it’s very easy to be indifferent. To do nothing. Indifference is the problem, the danger. The enemy.

As this year draws to a close perhaps one resolution for the next one is to stop being indifferent to what the problems of climate change are going to do to the planet. And those of us that can do something should take action to improve things.

Happy New Year.

Karthik Suresh

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