Helping Us Think More Clearly

What we’re all trying to do is build better careers, better businesses, better relationships and better lives.

But it’s easy to get lost – to get overwhelmed by the strategies and tactics and approaches out there.

The purpose of this blog is to explore those ideas and get to the point – to explain them simply and clearly.

And to understand where it all started we have to go back to the time when my eldest child was born.

If you’ve had contact with children you’ll know that they’re not very rational about things.

The whole crying and making a fuss thing works so well for them that any “adult” way of dealing with them soon fails.

So, when I wanted to get something across, I would draw with the kid – something we called Drawing a Story.


We’d sit down and draw situations and people and emotions and interactions and talk about them.

Drawing, I discovered, was a way to discuss quite complex things with a child and explore the limits of their understanding and, for that matter, my understanding as well.

When I did a management degree it turned out that using drawings to discuss ideas with a three-year old worked just as well when discussing ideas with a thirty-three year old.

In fact, there’s a whole literature and methodology around such an approach.

The world is full of great stuff – thoughts and ideas and techniques that can help us improve our lives and businesses and relationships.

Selecting the best of these, understanding them clearly and applying them effectively is what I’m trying to do with this blog.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to connect professionally.


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