1. The Art of Learning
  2. How To Develop Tolerance In Societies
  3. How To Organise Experience For Learning And Improvement
  4. How To Build A Rich Picture Of A Situation
  5. What Does The Perfect Consultancy Service Look Like?
  6. Could Thinking In Stories Help Us With Strategy?
  7. Self On Self: An Interview
  8. How To Use Systems Thinking In Real Life
  9. Understanding The Defaults That You Run In Life
  10. Making A Case For Preventive Maintenance
  11. The Highest Form Of Wisdom
  12. Creating Small Programs To Do One Thing Well
  13. Minimalist Information Systems Design and Architecture
  14. A presentation on using soft systems to help with project evaluation
  15. How To Upgrade Your Mental Operating System: Thoughts on Story and Value Demand
  16. How To Think About And Improve Service Design
  17. Studying Organisations Using Soft Systems Methodology
  18. A Question Of Focus: Less But Better
  19. How to study an organisation
  20. Reflective practice: Thoughts on professional development
  21. Thoughts on learning and taking action
  22. How To See Things From A Client’s Point Of View
  23. What a consultant should do for you
  24. How To Change Your Life
  25. Transitional change in the low carbon energy industry – MBA dissertation

Articles I’ve authored or ghosted

  1. Opening up energy data: An introduction to open source
  2. Energy Strategy – an article for the Major Energy User’s Council
  3. The Appliance Of Science – about Science Based Targets
  4. How Long Is A Piece Of String – about measurement and verification
  5. In Chains We Trust – Blockchain in energy
  6. A Look Back At 10 Years Of Markets Since The Crash
  7. Contributor to Transport Systems Catapult Blockchain Concept Paper