1. John McPhee, KEdit, structur and alpha
  2. Graphic Recording And Documentation Tools That I Use
  3. Deconstructing And Reconstructing Thinking
  4. Getting Started With Visual Thinking
  5. The Art of Learning
  6. How To Develop Tolerance In Societies
  7. How To Organise Experience For Learning And Improvement
  8. How To Build A Rich Picture Of A Situation
  9. What Does The Perfect Consultancy Service Look Like?
  10. Could Thinking In Stories Help Us With Strategy?
  11. Self On Self: An Interview
  12. How To Use Systems Thinking In Real Life
  13. Understanding The Defaults That You Run In Life
  14. Making A Case For Preventive Maintenance
  15. The Highest Form Of Wisdom
  16. Creating Small Programs To Do One Thing Well
  17. Minimalist Information Systems Design and Architecture
  18. A presentation on using soft systems to help with project evaluation
  19. How To Upgrade Your Mental Operating System: Thoughts on Story and Value Demand
  20. How To Think About And Improve Service Design
  21. Studying Organisations Using Soft Systems Methodology
  22. A Question Of Focus: Less But Better
  23. How to study an organisation
  24. Reflective practice: Thoughts on professional development
  25. Thoughts on learning and taking action
  26. How To See Things From A Client’s Point Of View
  27. What a consultant should do for you
  28. How To Change Your Life
  29. Transitional change in the low carbon energy industry – MBA dissertation

Articles I’ve authored or ghosted

  1. Wicked Games: Mapping A Route To Net Zero
  2. Opening up energy data: An introduction to open source
  3. Energy Strategy – an article for the Major Energy User’s Council
  4. The Appliance Of Science – about Science Based Targets
  5. How Long Is A Piece Of String – about measurement and verification
  6. In Chains We Trust – Blockchain in energy
  7. A Look Back At 10 Years Of Markets Since The Crash
  8. Contributor to Transport Systems Catapult Blockchain Concept Paper