What Kind Of Contribution Do You Make?


Friday, 9.15pm

Sheffield, U.K.

It takes a lot of people to make a winning team. Everybody’s contribution is important. – Gary David Goldberg

We were talking about what people brought with them to an organisation the other day. There are at least three things that make a difference. Do you bring in revenue, do you create value or do you come up with ideas? These three are useful contributions and if you’re doing one of them then you’re in a good position.

Revenue generating people are the ones that are happy networking and reaching out to the market, engaging with prospects and starting conversations. These people are vital because without those conversations you don’t have a business.

When you do have a conversation, however, you have to think about what is going to interest and excite the person you’re talking to. What are the insights, the ideas, the approaches you’re going to talk about? How are you going to do things differently? How are you going to create something that’s perfect for the people you’re trying to work with? That’s where idea generating people come in, the ones who can see what’s needed and create it. The ones that can give people what they need rather than what they say they want.

Conversations and ideas aren’t enough. You also need to deliver something of value. Value creating people are the ones that do the work – that create more for the client than they cost. Everyone in an organisation needs to add value. The language of cost centers and revenue centers is not enough – nothing is a cost if it creates value across the piece. But if you have people that don’t contribute, that act as a drain on resources, then you have to ask yourself why they’re there – what are they doing? You can’t do anything about it sometimes, but it’s worth knowing what’s happening.

But in your own case it’s a good idea to aim to contribute in one or more of these three ways – bring in opportunities for revenue, come up with ideas and try and add value.


Karthik Suresh

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