Do You Have A Plan For What Happens When You Have Wild Success?


It’s slow and hard trying to build something.

Whether it’s a career, a business, a side hustle or a project – it can often feel like it takes forever to get anywhere.

Or is that just me?

Others get there much faster – with skill and luck and timing on their side.

Maybe it’s context. If you’re the first on the scene in a hot new market, and you have the skills and sense to see what is going on, you can make it big.

Or, if you’ve come up with a way to transform an existing market, you may find yourself flooded with more business than you ever thought possible.

Many of us know what we’re going to do in the next hour, maybe the rest of the day.

We might have an idea of what’s up tomorrow – perhaps the rest of the week.

We know we’re moving towards something, hopefully.

Perhaps it’s the big three that many dream of – freedom, autonomy and mastery.

For many of us, the perfect role or career or business is one where we are free to set our own hours and work at our own pace, have control over what we do and how we achieve results, and hone our skills and craft at something we like doing.

What most of us think about is what’s happening at the margin.

That means we look at the difference between where we are now and where we are going to be a short time from now.

That dominates most of our waking and thinking time.

What’s the next action, the next meal, the next chore to do.

If we’re busy, we rarely have the time to look around and see what else might be happening.

But perhaps we should prepare for at least one thing.

Imagine wild success.

Imagine that whatever you are doing has succeeded beyond your wildest dreams.

If you have a business, your latest promotion has gone viral and you’ve received thousands of orders.

If you’re raising crowd funding, people have suddenly realised that you’re offering the opportunity of the century at a bargain prices and you’ve got 10,000 emails from people who want to invest.

Like a dog chasing a car – what’s he going to do if he catches it?

It may seem a simple thing – but it takes a different set of skills to keep something than it takes to get it.

Take lottery winners, for example.

You just need to buy a ticket to win millions.

But it seems that many winners spend all the money they get and end up more or less where they were when they started.

They didn’t have a plan for what they would do when they won.

You could win big at any time – so why not think about what you’ll do when that happens.

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