There are three kinds of people in the world. Which one are you?


Friday, 8.56pm


At the end of the week, do you feel like you’ve had a good one?

It started, if you remember, with Monday.

Monday is meetings day – lots of meetings. Not much gets done on Mondays.

Tuesday is an inch into the week. Perhaps we’ll do something on Tuesday. Open a file, make some notes.

Wednesday is rock bottom – can’t go forward or back. It’s right in the middle and the worst day of the week. Probably time to get some takeaway or junk food to forget it.

Thursday – perhaps that’s a brighter day, looks like we’re over the hump and it’s downhill from here.

Friday is a long day and, when it’s done, we can forget about the working week and get on with the weekend.

That sounds like a productive week – or not.

Now, hopefully, that wasn’t your actual week. You probably crushed Tuesday and spent the days around it getting some real work done.

But, however your week turned out, that isn’t the point.

This is.

Did you do one of these three things:

  1. Get some big projects away – do some work that made a difference to your company, your business or for the people around you?
  2. Get on with your job, the role, what you are paid to do. Go in from 9 to 5 and do what’s in the job description.
  3. Do what you’re supposed to do, while studying, planning and thinking about what else you could do to develop your career or improve your life.

This isn’t a trick question – the chances are you did all three in some way. Perhaps you worked on the garden and sorted it out finally. Perhaps the filing system is now better at work. And you’re through the first module of the accounting course you’re doing part time.

Did you do things that helped you get better, accomplish goals and get yourself sorted. Or did the days just pass by, and it’s hard to remember what actually happened.

We lose time without noticing. Life seems so long, until it isn’t.

We’d be horrified if we lost our life in an instant – but we barely blink as it ebbs away second by second.

What’s the answer to the question in the title – the three kinds of people?

There are people who make things happen. There are people who watch things happen. And there are people to whom things happen.

Which one do you want to spend the most time being?

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