Drawing A Path To Better Business

Life and business can be messy and complicated.

This blog is about making sense of it with the help of drawings.

I’m Karthik Suresh, and in this blog I write about strategy, management, marketing and innovation, with a focus on model driven decision making and experiment led innovation.

My main interest is in addressing “wicked” real-world problems using the methodology described here.

Or if you’d rather watch a video, have a look at this 10 minute introduction below.

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All content on this blog reflect my personal views and should not be taken as representing the views of any employers, companies, universities or social enterprises that I am associated with.

What You’ll Find In These Pages

What this blog is about

Blog posts – 500,000 words and counting

The methodology that underpins the work

Introduction to my first book project: “Getting Started

Posts that will eventually make their way into the book

Introduction to my second book project: “Listen”