A guide to energy management planning

2017 is nearly here and working on your organization’s energy management plan is key to making sure you reduce consumption and emissions this year.

Planning can take time and effort, but is well worth your time.

When done properly you will set your organization on the right course to achieving your energy management goals this year.

Energy management is a complex activity that involves taking action from the plantroom to the boardroom. Energy mangers need to understand technology, budgets, finance, planning and strategy in addition to emissions targets, corporate social responsibility and financial reporting.

Success in effectively managing this complex area will only come from detailed planning and preparation. To be useful an energy management plan needs to be:

  • Relevant: The plan must focus on areas that are directly applicable to the kind of organization you work in.
  • Realistic: The plan needs to be achievable with the resources and capabilities you have in place.
  • Useable: To be of any benefit at all, the plan must be a useful document that can guide your actions day to day.

A good energy management plan is like a map, helping you show people in your organisation where you are heading and the best way to get there.

That’s why we created this comprehensive guide with free templates to get you up and running for 2017. It contains everything you need to create an annual energy management plan including checklists and questionnaires to get started.

Download the guide here.

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