6 trends that will shape energy markets in 2017

Infographic showing 6 trends that will shape energy markets in 2017
6 trends that will shape energy markets in 2017

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1. Smart, connected devices

Smart meters are becoming a reality, and increasingly meters will be built into the equipment we buy.

Large energy using devices, such as air conditioners and chillers will be able to feed data directly into building management systems.

2. Leadership from corporations

Businesses see that going green is good business.

Not only do you cut costs, consumers are changing from passively buying to actively engaging with brands and companies that show they are committed to creating social value.

3. Unsubsidized renewables

The costs of solar energy have dropped to the point where they are comparable to fossil fuel generation without subsidies.

The business cases for green energy look increasingly viable without subsidy.

4. Professional energy managers

The need for professional energy managers has been recognized for some time, but with the roll out of energy efficiency legislation in Europe, the number of energy managers has exploded – which is good news for business and the public sector.

5. Energy management software

The number of software packages that support energy management continues to grow.

These packages cover a range of applications from energy usage analysis to energy market tracking – and 2017 will see even more of them.

6. Wavering governments

Recent elections and referendums could potentially lead to less government support for renewables and carbon reductions.

The momentum built up over the last decade needs to be sustained by businesses and social enterprises.

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